What’s Important?

Customers generally consider the following points important when choosing a solar system:

  • Local business they can trust.
  • Good quality products installed properly.
  • Value for money.
  • Local experience accredited installer and Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer.
  • After sales service with no hassles.

We are committed to our customers being well informed about their solar system purchase and it shows in their testimonials.

What size system?

Electricity usage which translates to electricity bills, can vary greatly.  Some homes use modest amounts of electricity where others use enormous amounts.  Factors such as the number of people living in the house, energy efficiency of house design, type & quantity of appliances, swimming pools, water pumps, etc all make a difference to the end result.

If you have complex needs, your smart meter data combined with your electricity bill can be valuable information when sizing a system to suit your individual needs or lifestyle.

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